Northumberland Tranquillity

Tranquillity benefits all of us, in all kinds of ways

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Tranquillity benefits all of us, in all kinds of ways
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Its official, Northumberland is tops for those who fancy a bit of piece and quiet.

Northumberland is the most tranquil county in England.

With miles and mile of unspoilt countryside, Northumberland is a haven for those who prefer to be woken by birdsong rather than blaring car horns.

Now England's northernmost county has been recognised as its most tranquil region. The campaign to protect rural England asked more than 1,300 people to define what tranquillity meant to them.


The top answers were a natural landscape, hearing birdsong, peace and quiet, natural woodland and ability to see the stars.

Researchers used the responses to award every region points for each positive and took them away for each negative.

The majority of the country scored a ‘minus score' which means it had more negative points than positive ones. But Northumberland scored best, with 28.6.