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The Magic is Northumberland

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The Magic is Northumberland
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The Magic is Northumberland




There is no doubt, Northumberland is the most magical place; with miles of empty beaches along an unspoilt coastline, the Cheviot Hills to the west forming a natural backdrop to a vista of rolling farmland, and the sense of peace from being so close to woodland walks, wildlife and wide open spaces. Don’t take our word for it, a recent CPRE survey named Northumberland as the most tranquil and desirable county in England in which to live.

Today’s world is full of stress, we all know that. But don’t we deserve a little peace and quiet in our lives for space and time to relax? We try to keep it to ourselves but those of us who live in the Northumberland countryside have discovered a secret - we can have our cake and eat it!

Sometimes one can read facts and figures and they say a great deal and yet tell nothing. For instance ‘google’ Northumberland and there are over 2m entries at the last count. You learn that Northumberland has the least population per square mile for any English county, it has the largest political constituency in land area, it has one of the highest mountains and longest coastlines and so on and so on. But actually live here. . . . . . . . . then you’ll experience the magic for yourself.