The Bees Need You (Almost as much as we need them)

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Britain's bees are in trouble. Their habitat is vanishing. Their numbers are falling fast and that leaves us in big trouble too, since we need these busy little creatures to pollinate our fruit and veg crops. Last year the UK lost 33.8% of our honey bee colonies and honey production was down by 70%.

We love our bees and have already donated three colonies and hives (one for every one of our developments) to our local bee keeping society to care for in order to encourage bee population growth and will donate an additional colony and hive for every new development we commence. We also pledge to make the gardens of our homes bee friendly by sowing wildflower grass seed and flowers to help encourage our little pals to become stronger.

You can help too by texting £3 to get your bee friendly wildflower seeds and grow a garden that will help the bees, and the rest of us, to thrive. Please text BEE to 70123 to give £3 to the bee cause, or visit for more information.

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