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Building a Dream 2010
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We got back from Kenya in May and thought it was probably about time to drop you a line in order to let you know how we got on. A picture is apparently better than a thousand words so if you would like to find out how we did click on to find out more. Please let me know what you think.

As expected we had plenty of challenges to overcome but none that couldn't be sorted out by employing various random, often colourful means. The lads did a great job in demanding conditions, Jo and Jane helped make a real difference in the immediate local community and I just had to make sure the materials and tools were always on the job, quite a challenge when you consider every purchase was made in cash.

The orphanage was a real inspiration. Esther the founder and director looks after 29 children orphaned from HIV or malaria and in addition does a great job of looking after her own five kids to boot. The place is incredible, the kids don't have very much (see the toy made from a water bottle in the link above) but they have food, schooling, a place to sleep and incredibly, are very happy. Kind of one big family I guess, a beaming smile was usually followed by a very loud song that quite often turned into a dance, we will never forget how welcome they all made us all feel. It was a pleasure to be in a position to be able to help.

However, as unlikely as I know it sounds, it became obvious that perhaps the orphans could well be the lucky ones when compared to the kids outside in the immediate community, quite often struggling for food, clothes, shelter and schooling.