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Stone Homes... Building for the Enviroment.

Acknowledging that the sector which releases the single greatest volume of emissions which cause greenhouse gases in the UK is housing, the Government recently announced that it was setting a target for all new homes to be carbon-neutral by 2017. 
Stone Homes is making great strides in this area by already implementing our own environmental policy under the expert guidance of Gareth Kane of Terrainfirma Consultants. Firstly, under our site management policy we have instituted a colour coded skip disposal scheme to ensure that steel, timber, brick, paper and plastics are separated and sent for recycling, thus greatly reducing materials wastage. Current figures available for total UK waste shows that 25% of the overall tonnage is created by the construction industry, and that up to a quarter of this figure is the result of discarding un-utilised new materials. Since not only is this practice ecologically unsound, it is inefficient and financially unviable and as a company we have set our own target to reduce our waste to zero. Other measures to compliment the management and recycling of waste, is to ensure that our materials ordering systems are as efficient as possible. It might seem a small step, but by reducing timber lengths and materials quantities ordered, and by close adherence to technical specifications, we can reduce off-cuts and discarded products to a minimum.