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Enviromental Policy
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This is how we now plan to deal with waste.

We intend to build through increasingly harnessing eco-friendly methods and materials.
Being eco friendly is an added cost but what cost if we ignore the clear advice we are receiving about global warming?
You can relax into one of our homes comfortable in the knowledge that it has been crafted with the least possible impact on the environment and that the cost to keep your property warm will not cost the Earth. This is how we plan to deal with waste in the future.


We follow a number of eco-friendly practices in particular the use of reclaimed materials such as stone, hand made brick, timber and roofing slates.
We ensure that all new timber utilised in our builds including windows are sourced from sustainable forests in Scandinavia.
We are currently working with Gareth Kane of Terrainfirma "bringing sustainability to life" to recognise and take steps to recognise and integrate products and practices into our build programmes that are of a sustainable nature.